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About US

Zamaradi basenjis started out as a hobby that has turned into the quest for perfection. Not the perfect show dog or the perfect performance dog, but the perfect dog for our family and others like ours. As preservation breeders, we strive to have even tempered dogs that can show, perform and be companions. Breeding dogs to the standard in conformation, type and temperament.  Basenjis aren't for every person or family. We aim to show the general public what a basenji can BE in the right home. Our dogs are family first! We enjoy each and every one for their individual talents and personalities.

Our dogs are first and foremost our family pets. We find the areas in which they excel and pursue performance venues from there. All of our dogs live in the house and are part of the family. The house holds a variety of critters and the dogs benefit from the exposure to them all. Living alongside the dogs are cats, a lovebird, rats and some fish.

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