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January 2019

- The PVDF cluster brought us home a major for Journey, and points for Tori, Dinah and Charlie

January 2018

- The Portland Cluster was amazing! We finished Harry's AKC championship and Dinah got a Best in Sweeps at the WVBC specialty. Dinah also garnered both her major wins.

- The W WA Cluster was good to us! Started out the cluster with Doc BOB and finishing Owen with his 2nd major! We finished it with a WD for Harry and WB for Seeker!

February 2018

- Barnhunt in February was a blast! Owen, Justine and Doc all earned 2 qualifying runs towards their Novice titles and Whitney finished hers!

March 2018

- Dinah earns B2B WB at the Seattle KC show.

- First time out coursing brings lots of ribbons! Seeker and Harry earn their JC titles and Siren and Dinah QC. Whitney earns her 2nd major by going BIF! Owen earns 2 legs of his SC title and his first point towards his FC. Hugo wins B2B BOB and a BIF!

- LGRA racing got Siren, Dinah, Justine and Owen points towards their GRC. NOTRA had Dinah, Justine and Owen bringin home the points.

April 2018

- NWRRC AKC trials were good to us! Siren earned a 4pt major towards her FC and Dinah earned her first point. Owen and Diva both earned points and Hugo was the big winner with a BOB and a 5 pt major. Owen and Hugo both earned their SC titles also.

- WWWA ASFA trials were a blast! Justine brought home a BOB win, and Harry brought home a High scoring single win. Dinah and Siren earned some points and the big winner was Owen with a BIF!!!

May 2018

- The Olympic DF show brought Siren one point closer to her championship and a nice BOB win for Doc.

- The EBC ASFA Basenji specialty trial brought us the Stud dog and Brood Bitch awards for Savio and Valleri. Harry and Siren were the highest scoring dogs at the trial. Harry also finished his ASFA TCP title.

- The WWWA Annual Versatility weekend was soo much fun! Harry was the big winner with points in LGRA and NOTRA. Owen finished his JOR title. Harry, Owen and Whitney all brought home points towards their ASFA FCh also.

June 2018

- The Yakima Valley KC was good to us! Siren finished her championship! Baby Journey garnered a BOB win over specials and Dinah took B@B BOB wins and a Hound Group 4. Thank you to judge Joe Walton for acknowledging our kennel across the breeds.

- Barnhunt brought good times! Siren earned her RATI title and Doc earned a leg towards his open title

- Cascade Hound show had Dinah earning B2B BOS wins for Gch majors

- Canby weekend had Doc bringinhome a SD and a BOS win for points towards his GCh bronze title as well as a leg towards his RATO title

July 2018

- The NWRRC Akc lure trial was very good to us! Hugo earned his DC title and Owen earned another point towards his AKC FC. Oakley earned her first 2 SC legs with Dinah completing her SC title. Siren was the big winner, earning 2 more majors towards her FC. Dinah, Doc and Harry all earned AKC FC points also.

- The Puyallup cluster brought a triple BOS wins for Dinah to complete her GCh title.

- The HRKC show was very good to us. Doc and Owen were BOB on Saturday and Charlie was BOW and BOS to earn another 4 pts to his championship. Journey was also WB on Sunday for another point

August 2018

- The EBC 50th annual specialty was a big deal! Harry won the maturity with Charlie winning his futurity class. Tori and Charlie placed in their classes all weekend also. Dinah had a SB win and Harry won an AOM

- Nisqually kennel club on Saturday had Oakley, Charlie and Doc all bringing home some points.

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