Multiple Group Winning

Multiple Group Placing

mBISS NBOSS BOSS GChS. Kaleonahe's & Relic Flower Power for Zamaradi


BIS GCH Eldorado n Akuaba's Dreamlover x GCh Alfheim-Khani's Shiny Happy People

Dinah is a powerhouse special in conformation, a performance contender and a loved house dog. She has exceeded our wildest dreams by being BOS at the 2018 National specialty, competitive at specialties and a back to back group 1 winner! Dinah ends 2019 as a top 5 contender in conformation in the Breed and All-Breed stats.


Thank you to breeder Dianna Sanders for letting this amazing girl come here. Watch for Dinah in performance events in 2020.

Achievements to date:

- Best in Sweepstakes at WVBC winter specialty 2018

- Best Opposite sex 2019 BCOA National Specialty

- Specialty Best Opposite sex at WVBC Winter Specialty 2019

- BISS at EBC Specialty #2

- BISS at BCoNC Specialty #2

- 2019 Top 5 Breed finalist 

-2019 Top 5 All Breed finalist

Oct 25, 2019- Dinah wins her 2nd BISS under Dean Laney at the BCONC Specialty #1

Aug 2-4, 2019- The Annual specialty weekend was a blast! Dinah walked away with a BISS and 2 specialty SB.

May 30, 2019- The Five Valley KC was good to us! 4 days we were BOB and Pat Trotter awards Dinah the Hound Group for a 2nd time! We also pick up a group 4 under Steve Keating.

May 17, 2019- Dinah goes BOB under Lisa Warren and a group 2 under Kerry Lee at the NW Cluster

April 19-22, 2019- Dinah has a great Lewiston Cluster! First 2 days are B2B BOB and a Group 1! She finished Bronze GCh title also.

Mar 16, 2019- Dinah has some great runs at the first lure trial of the year. She now just needs her majors to be a DC.

Feb 23-24, 2019- B2B GROUP 1's at the Covered bridge cluster! Thank you to judges Charles Olvis and hound specialist, Pat Trotter for our prestigious wins.

Jan 19, 2019- BOS at the WVBC winter specialty under Robert Robinson.

Oct 13, 2018- BOS behind Harry at the BCOA 2018 National Specialty. Thank you to Lisa Warren for finding our special girl.

Sept 26, 2018- BOB and a Hound Group 3 at the Sammamish KC under judge Kenneth Levison.

Aug 4, 2018- SB at the WWHA specilaty in deep competiton. Than you to judge Lou Guerro for the win.

Jul 20, 2018- AOM at the WVBC Specialty under Linda Reidel

Jul 14-15, 2018- BOS for a 5pt major at the IEKA show under Lorraine Boutwell. Then BOB for a 5 pt major under Brent Wright and a hound group 3 under Elizabeth Muthard

Jul 7-9, 2018- 3 consecutive BOS wins to finish her GCh title

Jun 16-17, 2018- B2B BOS wins in tough PNW competiton for 2 more majors towards her GCh at the Cascade Hound Show.

Jun 2-3, 2018- B@B BOB wins at the Yakima Valley KC shows. She finished the weekend with a Hound group 4!

Apr. 20, 2018- Dinah finishes her AKC Ch by going BOS over specials for a 5 pt major.

Apr.7-8, 2018- Dinah earns the first 2 legs of her SC title as well as 1pt towards her FC.

Mar.10-11, 2018-B2B WB (and a BOW Sunday) for 3 more points towards her championship.

Feb 2, 2018- WB at the Sahuro KC under Pamela Lambie

Jan 20, 2018- BOW at the DFA of OR under Bill Shelton for her 2nd major.

Jan 19, 2018- Best in Sweepstakes under breeder juge Brenda Cassell at the WVBC specialty.

Jan 18, 2018- WB for a major at the Tualatin KC show under Sharol Candace Way.

Dinah BOS in sweeps under Michael Work at the BCOA Regional Specialty.

August 12, 2017- First point under Kathryn Cowsert at Nisqually KC.

July 15, 2017- BOB and Hound group 1 in the 4-6 competition.

Fanconi: Carrier via direct test

PRA: Carrier via direct test

CERF: Minor iris-iris PPM(4/17)

Hips: Pending

Elbows: Pending

Patellas: Normal via specialist

Owned and loved by Sarah & Jeff

Bred by D. Sanders, M. Sanders, A. McLeod, K. Britton

BISS at the BCoNC Specialty

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