Group Placing

BISS GCh. Zamaradi's Doc Holliday AOM SC RATO TKN VBX SDHR

GCH Arubmec's Thriller SDHR x CH Zamaradi's Im Not Your Steppin Stone SC JOR FCh RN

Doc is our keeper from Valleri's first litter and our 2nd generation. He finished very quickly with multiple breed wins from the classes over specials! This young man is such a fun guy. Happy and outgoing with a beautiful headpiece and amazing sidegait. Watch for him as a special in 2020 with Laura Bussard and to gain some more performance titles. He is the sire of the 2018 BCOA RWD and has multiple champion offspring, many who are specialty winners themselves.

Champion offspring to date:

*GCh Arubmec's Brindle Wick

- EBC specialty WB

*Ch. Arubmec's Pale Rider

*BISS GCh. Litespeed's I Am Groot AOM

- BCOA 2018 RWD

- BCONC specialty WD

- BCONC Best puppy in Sweeps

- BISS at WVBC Jan 2019

*CH Arubmec's Gran Torino at Zamaradi

*Ch Litespeed's Guardians of the Galaxy

*Ch IV's Got Mojo at Mtnside


Jan 19, 2020- Doc and Laura BOB at the last day of the Rose City Cluster under Patti Widdick Neale.  They also earned an OH group 4 that day.

Oct 25, 2019- BISS at the BCoNC Specialty #2 under Sylvie McGee

Sept 14, 2019- Doc earns himself a Hound Group 4 under Daniel Dowling at the TVDF cluster.

Dec 1. 2018- Doc finishes his RATO title and qualifies for his VBX.

Jul 28, 2018- BOB @ the HRKC under Timothey Doxator

Jan 13, 2018- Doc starts off the new year right with a big BOB win at the PVDF show under Sylvie McGee.

Nov. 9-10, 2017- Doc takes B2B SD wins at the GCCKC shows as his warm up for his 2018 specials career.

July 23, 2017- BOB @ the SWEPT ASFA trial.

July 15, 2017- BOB @ IEKC under respectd judge Joe Gregory.

June 24-25, 2017- SD both days the the CCKC and he earned his RATI title.

May 19-22, 2017- Doc has a great time at the NW cluster. He was in the ribbons everyday and finished his GCh with a nice BOB win. Thank you to the judges who acknowledge him.

April 9, 2017- Doc earns his JC title

Jan 14-16, 2017- Great start to the year! Doc earns 2 SD wins and a BOB at the WW Cluster. Thank you to the judges who awarded him.

Oct. 29, 2016- AOM at the Sacramento Vally DF show under Ms. Makowski

Oct. 28, 2016- SD at the BCoNC Specialty for a 5 pt GCh specialty major! Thank you judge Lori K Nelson.

Oct. 28, 2016- BOS in puppy sweeps at the BCoNC Specialty under Robert Paust.

Oct. 23, 2016- First time out as a special and BOS and OH group 3!

Oct. 22, 2016- BOB from the classes to finish his championship @ the Wenatchee KC under Toddie Clark.

Oct 15, 2016- BOB from the classes under Judith Newton!

Oct. 14, 2016- WD @ LBKC under LeeAnne Bateman

Sept. 17, 2016- BOW under Betty Anne Stenmark @ Timberland DF for his 2nd major!

Sept 11, 2016- BOW/BOS @ The All Hound Club of Bellingham under Nan Bodine.

July 22, 2016- WD at the WVBC Specialty for a 4 point major from BBEX class. Also awarded Best Bred-By. Thank you to judge Jim Owen for the acknowledgement of our young man.

Fanconi: Clear (via direct test)

PRA: Clear (Via direct test)

Hips: Good

Elbows: Normal

Patellas: Normal via specialist

Thyroid: Normal via TVMDL

CERF: 1 iris- cornea strand in right eye, endothieal opacity in left eye (2018)

BOB at the Rose City Cluster

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