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BIF DC Relic's Tribal Dance with Zamaradi TKN SC SGRC2 ORC RATN FCh
Jumoke's Motema Ya Nkaki X GCh Kaleonahe's Empress for Relic


We are soo excited to add Hula to our family and breeding program!  Partnering once again with Dianna Sanders in Texas, and even more exciting to partner with Annie St.Claire.  We have been waiting for the perfect African stock addition and she is it. Short back with a dead level topline and a stunning headpiece.  Her claim to fame is running.  She was the #1 LGRA basenji in 2021 and garnered an AKC all breed BIF.

Bred and co-owned by Dianna Sanders

Pampered and owned by Annie St.Clair

Co-owned and shown by Sarah Smith-Falkner

Fanconi: Clear by parentage

PRA: Clear by parentage

CERF: Clear/normal (3/20)

Hips: Good

Elbows: Normal

Thyroid: Normal (8/22)

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