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GCh. Atarasi Meisterhaus Brassmonkey at Zamaradi TKN FCh SC

BISS GCh DC Atarsi Dlucks Edition SC FCh X Ch Meisterhaus Missing Piece at Atarasi JC

Tango comes to us from Jordan Reed of Atarasi basenjis. Tango brings soo much to the table for us in type, structure and movement. He finished with 2 specialty majors and RWD from the 2019 BCOA national specialty.  Watch for him limitedly as a Special and more performance titles in 2021.

Achievements to date:

2020- Top 5 in LGRA, top 20 in ASFA. #5 in Breed and top20 in All breed conformation rankings.

2019- Finished his Championship with2 specialty majors and a major with RWD at the National specialty

Owned by Sarah and Jordan

Spoiled and adored by Andrew Ainsworth

Bred and co- owned by Jordan Reed

Co-bred by A. Tad Brook

Fanconi: Carrier via direct test

PRA: Clear by parentage

CERF: iris-iris PPM strands (1/20)

Hips: Good

Elbows: Normal

Patellas: Normal via specialist

Tested for and does NOT carry the tri gene

RWD at the 2019 BCOA national

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